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Close/First Review Date: 07/28/2024

Work Location: San Jose City College

Position Description:


The Associate Dean, Apprenticeship & Special Programs reports to the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Innovation at San Jose City College. This is a full time, 12 months per year, academic management position.


Under the direction of the Vice President, Strategic Partnership and Workforce Innovation or assigned administrator, the Associate Dean of Apprenticeship and Special Programs assists the Vice President by providing overall supervision and administrative oversight for selected instructional apprenticeship programs and employment training services focused on the delivery of college’s apprenticeship grants, training agreements, and other grants as assigned; manages use of funds and services; monitors programs for effectiveness; and ensures adherence to federal and state regulations in the use of funds. Emphasis will be placed on the growth of occupational/vocational programs, apprenticeships, agreements and career education as well as establishing partnerships with business and industry, and securing additional grants.


The Associate Dean of Apprenticeship and Special Programs represents the college in state and regional occupational administrative groups and directs the development and coordination of potential partnerships with appropriate industries, high schools, community organizations and universities as they relate to career programs. The incumbent will assist in the interface of the college with state and federal agencies in efforts to be an educational force in economic and workforce development and to further student success.


1. Provide coordination for the advancement of the apprenticeship programs, systematic assessment of student progress and learning outcomes, review and recommend changes to maintain relevance of programs to meet student and community needs.

2. Monitor assigned programs, file reports, and ensure compliance to regulations of federal and state agencies for the receipt and expenditure of funds.

3. Assist the Vice President with the preparation of a schedule of classes to meet the needs of students and work with staff to produce accurate schedules, catalog information, program information and multi-year instructional plans.

4. Manage apprenticeship grants and other state, federal and/or private grants consistent with District policy and sound financial management principles.

5. Recommend instructional and general policies, conduct meetings to facilitate planning and collegial decision-making, and keep staff informed about issues and projects for the overall College instructional program.

6. Maintain current knowledge of new trends and innovations in apprenticeship and special programs in community colleges and higher education.

7. Work with faculty, staff, and students to facilitate consensus and action on issues pertaining to instructional programs, including support services and technology utilization.

8. Initiate and oversee the development of career ladders and programs by working with college faculty, business and industry, advisory groups, and other appropriate organizations.

9. Facilitate maintenance of relevant curriculum appropriate to the college mission and promote/market the occupational programs.

10. Work with faculty and staff to assess students and continuously monitor their progress for success using appropriate data and research tools.

11. Provide administrative and technical support to the instructional service operations that may include curriculum, program approval, instructional facilities usage, and well-equipped facilities/labs for student practice.

12. Identify and prioritize program needs, secure available funding, and strategically allocate and reallocate resources.

13. Supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned faculty and support staff; interview and participate in selecting employees.

14. Assist the Vice President in communicating with occupational administrative groups and partnerships with external agencies including business and industry.

15. Assist the Vice President to facilitate academic partnerships between division faculty, faculty in feeder high schools, and four-year transfer institutions; assure maximum course articulation for students.

16. Participate in strategic and long-range instructional planning for the College and the District.

17. Promote diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, cultural competency, and a positive work environment.

18. Perform other related duties as assigned.



1. Apprenticeship and special program initiatives and trends on the state and national levels in community colleges.

2. Instructional delivery modalities.

3. Development and evaluation of curriculum and programs.

4. Course articulation.

5. Budget preparation and control.

6. Funding and budget methods and regulations regarding the use of funds.

7. Principles and practices of administration, supervision, and training.

8. Interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy.

9. District organization, operations, policies, mission, and objectives.

Skills and Abilities:
1. Plan, organize, develop, and evaluate the programs, activities and curriculum of a college instructional division with faculty and staff to meet student and community needs.

2. Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, with faculty and staff, students, and community members.

3. Work effectively with students, faculty, and staff from multi-cultural backgrounds and promote access, success, and equity.

4. Present a positive image of the college in the community.

5. Recruit, train, supervise, and evaluate personnel.

6. Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.

7. Plan and organize work to meet schedules and time lines.

8. Understand the needs of the division in the context of the overall instructional programs and participate with the management team to coordinate projects and set goals and priorities for the College as a whole to offer effective services to students.

9. Develop grants or special project applications.

Required Qualifications:


1. Master’s degree in a discipline related to the assignment.

2. One year of formal training, internship or leadership experience reasonably related to the administrative assignment.

Desired Qualifications:

District’s Diversity Requirements

• Demonstrated sensitivity, knowledge and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural, disability, and ethnic background of groups historically underrepresented, and groups who may have experienced

• Success integrating diversity as appropriate into the major duties outlined in the job description and in the duties listed in the District’s hiring policy; or demonstrated equivalent transferable skills to do so.

Salary Range:

$152,097 – $184,875 Annual Salary (Range M26: Management 2024-2025) Salary Schedule. Starting salary placement is generally at Step 1.


Excellent fringe benefit package includes District paid medical, dental, vision, EAP (employee assistance plan) and life insurance for employee and eligible dependents, and income protection. Voluntary plans include supplemental life insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, 403b and 457 Deferred Compensation Accounts. Manager and supervisor positions also include 22 vacation days, 20 holidays, 12 sick leave days and 6 administrative leave days per year.

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About San Jose/Evergreen Community College District

The District is represented by dedicated and talented employees who are passionate about providing our student population with the best educational experience possible. The District recognizes that cultural diversity in the academic environment promotes academic excellence; fosters cultural, racial and human understanding; provides positive roles models for all students, and creates an inclusive and supportive educational and work environment for its employees, students, and the community it serves.

As of fall 2017, with enrollment of approximately 18,500 per semester, and an extremely diverse student population (Hispanic/Latino 44%, Black/African-American 4%, Asian/Pacific Islander 32%, American Indian/Native American 0.5%, White/Caucasian 11%) attaining educational goals reflecting 45% – AA Degree and Transfer to a 4-Year College/ University, the District’s emphasis on student success makes it a recognized educational leader in the State.

The District encourages a diverse pool of applicants to serve as colleagues to an existing diverse group of managers, supervisors and confidential staff consisting of 29 % Hispanic/Latino, 13% Asian/Pacific Islander, 7% Black/African American, 23% White/Caucasian, and as well as encouraging applications from all qualified, outstanding applicants.

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