Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Equity and Achievement

  • VP/VC Other
  • Stockton, CA
  • July 28, 2024

San Joaquin Delta College

San Joaquin Delta College

Stockton, CA

Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Equity and Achievement
Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Full-time | 12-month

Salary Range: $154,771 – $184,805 per year

Application Deadline: July 28, 2024, 11:59 PM

Under direction of the Superintendent/President, the Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Equity, and Achievement carries out complex projects, oversees District research, and leads institutional effectiveness in coordination with the Superintendent/President and the Executive Leadership Team.

The Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Equity, and Achievement plans, designs, organizes, and directs operations and activities in the research, review, analysis, interpretation and reporting of various data and information used in assessing institutional effectiveness, equitable delivery of services and outcomes, and district-wide planning. The Associate Vice President coordinates and collaborates on institutional master and strategic planning efforts under the direction of the Superintendent/President. The Associate Vice President serves as the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO). As directed by the Superintendent/President or his/her designee, the Associate Vice President is responsible for developing and disseminating analytical data for effective planning related to academic, student services and administrative programs; providing data, assistance, and coordination in support of planning.  The Associate Vice President provides leadership to the office of Grants.  The Associate Vice President also provides oversight for the development, implementation, and reporting of the Student Equity and Achievement Program plan; and oversees the production of required internal and state/federal external reports. The Associate Vice President provides assistance and counsel in the analysis and interpretation of academic, student and administrative data in support of data-driven decision-making.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Provide leadership in the development of college research, analysis, planning and evaluation for a diverse, dynamic and innovative community of faculty, staff and students.

• As directed, assist the Superintendent/President in the development of recommended College policies and effective planning for college district operations. Research and draft position papers as required.

• Complete institutional research studies as required to support the institutional policymaking and planning processes and to demonstrate patterns of institutional effectiveness to external audiences and the college community.

• Serve as the Accreditation Liaison Officer in the accreditation process, including the development, coordination and writing of the Institutional Self Evaluation Report, mid-term reports, and follow-up reports, and coordinate with college leadership to ensure annual and periodic reporting as required by ACCJC. Monitor statewide initiatives related to planning, research, and institutional effectiveness, and accreditation. Inform the campus community of significant developments in those areas. Monitor federal and statewide trends and regulatory changes related to institutional effectiveness and accreditation.

• Supervise, train, schedule, and evaluate the work performance of assigned classified, faculty, and management staff.

• As directed by the Superintendent/President, assist and coordinate the College’s planning processes and development. Maintain and annually update college-planning documents including program review and annual goals and objectives. Assist in integration of local plans into state planning processes.

• Ensure collaboration and provide oversight for the development, implementation, and reporting for the Student Equity and Achievement Program plan.

• Provide oversight of the Grants Office, grant writing and production, and grant planning, data, outcomes, and reporting.

• Coordinates with the Strategic Enrollment Management Office, including data- driven centralized scheduling operations; student success and student equity driven enrollment management; and campus alignment with the Student-Centered Funding Formula.

• Provide leadership and support for the implementation and evaluation of Guided Pathways, including the institutional coordination and training of Success Teams.

• Provide year-round leadership, development, and management of research and assessment of institutional effectiveness; provide professional development for employees regarding institutional effectiveness efforts.

• As directed by the Superintendent/President, support a climate that promotes a culture of evidence to support the analysis of access, student learning and outcomes, student equity data, program completion, and post-graduation success—including employment and transfer.

• Provide leadership and research assistance in support of programs seeking accreditation from regional and national associations.

• Monitor and keep the college community current concerning demographics and community information and adequacy and effectiveness of college programs and services; develop, maintain, and ensure the integrity of student, staff, and program databases for use in reports, planning, and decision-making; ensure mandated data and reports are completed and submitted according to established timelines and requirements.

• Plan, implement, and document procedures for qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis, interpretation, and strategic goal setting. Develop, maintain, and use institutional databases to support decision-making, budgeting, assessments, and evaluations, program review, student learning outcomes, enrollment management and planning.

• Identify primary institutional, local, state, federal and national demographics, economic trends, and other data for use in research projects, reports, presentation, educational planning, and development.

• Assist in the development, assessment and evaluation of district plans, in coordination with relevant administrators and committees charged with implementation of academic and student support programs and services.

• Serve as liaison as directed for to college divisions, areas and services, advisory committees, student groups, faculty, and appropriate university, school and other off-campus and community groups.

• Organize, manage, and participate in the annual planning and college goal-setting in coordination with the Executive Leadership Team, and in collaboration with administrators, supervisors, faculty and classified staff.

• Assist with the development and monitoring of assigned budgets; work collaboratively to utilize District resources effectively; assist in the development of annual budget goals and assumptions that link program review recommendations with District plans.

• Provide analysis, and support for instructional and non-instructional program review as needed.

• Actively participate in and support College and District shared governance activities and other collaborative processes.

• Develop, implement and update a personal professional development plan; evaluate and assist in the professional development of assigned staff; collaborate with others to support professional development of faculty and staff.

• Provide coordination and assistance with CAL-Pass related initiatives and projects, including representation at local, regional, and state-wide meetings as needed.

• Serve on College and district committees as assigned.

• Travel throughout the District in carrying out responsibilities and functions.

• Perform other related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:

• Computer-based technology for management of assigned programs and for research, planning, and assessment of institutional effectiveness including instructional, student, and/or support services outcomes.

• The goals and processes of shared governance.

• Principles and practices of administrative organization and management, planning, supervising and evaluating the work of others, employee motivation and training.

• Applicable federal, state, local, District and college laws, rules and regulations, and collective bargaining contract provisions; complex business level language usage spelling, grammar and punctuation.

• Standard office tools such as computers and printers.

• Complex report and presentation writing skills.

Ability to:

• Use organizational skills that enable performance of duties in a timely fashion with attention to detail.

• Effectively communicate orally and in writing.

• Analyze and assist in aligning resources effectively.

• Use personal computer utilizing typical office software applications, the internet, and appropriate statistical, data management, and presentation software applications.

• Work hands on using typical business, planning, and research applications such as student information and financial systems.

• Work effectively with managers, faculty and staff in a participatory governance environment to accomplish the goals and objectives of the college and the assigned divisions or areas; exercise good judgment.

• Communicate effectively and constructively with persons of diverse cultures, language groups, and abilities.

• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

• Develop and implement grant-funded projects

• Sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, linguistic, ethnic backgrounds and disabilities of community college students and staff.

• Support the District in achieving its mission, vision, and strategic goals as appropriate in carrying out the duties of this position.

• Focus on student success, service excellence, and willingness to assist colleagues as needed.

Education and Experience:


• Master’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university; doctorate in higher education or a quantitative research-oriented discipline preferred.


• Six years of related experience with at least three years of lead/supervisory experience.


• A valid Class C California Driver’s License.

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