Associate Dean, Nursing Pathways (School of Health and Nursing)

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Associate Dean, Nursing Pathways (School of Health and Nursing)

Funded by the Strong Workforce Program (SWP) and focused on a five-year time frame, the successful candidate hired for this position will be offered a one-year categorical position, with opportunity for annual renewal.

Under the direction of the Dean of Health, PE and Social Services at John Adams, the incumbent provides leadership, innovation and planning, and supervises department chairs within the nursing cluster of programs, which include the current Registered Nursing (RN), Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide, and the Nurse Refresher programs. The Associate Dean assures programs meet the standards of the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), the Board of Vocational Nursing (BVNPT) the Education Code of the State of California, and the provisions of the Nursing Practice Act. The Associate Dean will work with chairs and faculty to align pathways in the area to provide streamlined, accredited, connected programs to optimize student advancement in both college credentials and career opportunities.

Job Duties

1. Assess, evaluate, revise and maintain standards and policies for each nursing program.

2. Serves as the Registered Nursing Program Director to the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) and Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT).

3. Actively engage in student recruitment, admissions, and progression in the nursing programs.

4. Serves as lead accreditation officer for nursing programs. Responsible for maintaining, planning, developing, evaluating, and participating in the accreditation process successful nursing programs accreditation.

5. Supervises and collaborates with the department chairs, faculty, and staff of stated programs.

6. Responsible for facilitating achievement of annual objectives that guide effective planning, program management and evidence-based decision-making.

7. Leads or supports transition and any physical relocation of Nursing program(s).

8. At direction of the Dean, and in consultation with chairs, leads area meetings and works directly with employers, associations, and community-based organizations to strengthen field partnerships and clinical agreements.

9. Supports an innovative culture focused on student success; completion of college awards, degrees, and transfer; and facilitates opportunities for faculty and staff professional development.

10. Ensures regulatory reports are submitted for the programs supervised in a timely manner. Ensures college readiness on self-study accreditation reports for the BRN & BVNPT through close working relationships with department chairs and faculty.

11. Maintains official area records while providing required documents to BRN and BVNPT.

12. Develops, updates, and assures regular training through chairs by use of standardized department and area “handbooks of practice” so that each department holds common practices that align with college policy, the AFT 2121contract, the CCSF Faculty Handbook, and the profession.

13. Oversees and facilitates pathway discussions across the programs such that clear pathways develop from CNA to LVN to RN (ADN) and to BSN. Engage in a holistic discussion regarding curriculum changes, planning and design of this effort to include students, discipline faculty, counselors, staff and employers.

14. Works with chairs in setting priorities for resource needs; pursues grants and external funding to support pathway goals.

15. Supervises timely reviews by chairs of all contracts for compliance; assists chairs in negotiating with agencies utilized for clinical experience. Manages clinical facility placements and communicates with clinical agencies to obtain educational opportunities for students.

16. Initiates and develops institutional relationships with area health providers in collaboration with department chairs.

17. Supports department chairs in ensuring program and area facilities and skills labs are functional, current, and utilized appropriately.

18. Participates in, promotes and/or arranges for student and faculty participation in community projects such as health fairs, career fairs, among others.

19. Coordinates required advisory committee meetings involving faculty and outside industry.

20. In consultation with department chairs, presents information about nursing programs to community groups and participates in associated workshops and professional meetings.

21. In collaboration with department chairs, communicates with Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN), Licensed Vocational Nursing, Clinical Nursing Assistant, and Home Health Aide programs.


• Knowledge and experience in curriculum development and innovation; accreditation self-evaluation and service on an accreditation evaluation team; and managing nursing and allied health programs.

• Demonstrated leadership and experience in higher education.

• Experience in development and management of budgets.

• Knowledge of experience in Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) design, development, implementation, and assessment.

• Community College or similar higher education faculty experience.

• Experience in working with college governance groups in a collective bargaining environment.

• Understands and promotes the role and use of technology in the instructional environment.

• Knowledge of State and Federal codes, statutes and regulations that govern California.

• Understanding of nursing certifications and requirements for faculty, staff, and students.

• Ability to interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

• Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with other members of the CCSF community.

• Has thorough knowledge of the Nurse Practice Act of California with special attention to qualifications of faculty, curriculum requirements, criteria for facility utilization, procedures for filing applications for licensure examination, and forms for reporting required information.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Possess credential that allows full-time service as an Instructor in Nursing area;

2. Possess a Master’s degree with an emphasis or major in Nursing;


Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing AND a Master’s degree in Health Education, or closely related field;


Possess a combination of education and experience that is at least equivalent to the above.

[If you would like to claim equivalency, the Administrative Equivalency Application Form is available on the left side margin. This form will be considered as part of the application materials and must be submitted on or before the filing deadline as indicated on this job posting.]

3. Must meet the following:

a. One-year experience as an administrator with validated performance of administrative responsibilities and authority to administer programs and coordinate activities such as developing, implementing, and managing a nursing program including its fiscal planning;

b. Approval (or ability to do so) by the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). (See California Business and Professions Code, Division 25, Chapter 1, Art 5, Section 2529 ©(1)

c. Minimum of two (2) years’ experience teaching in a pre-or post-licensure registered nursing program that includes clinical experience in a state approved school;

d. Hold a clear and active license as a registered nurse and minimum of three (3) years’ experience as a nurse providing direct patient care.

4. Demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of diverse academic, socioeconomic, culture, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and ethnic/racial backgrounds of community college students.

Desirable Qualifications

1. Three years experience as an administrator with validated performance of administrative responsibilities consistent with a registered nursing education program, associate and/or baccalaureate and post-licensure RN program; OR three years’ experience as the registered nurse administrator of a hospital professional nursing education services program.

2. Direct responsibility for administrative decision-making process of the educational program including budgeting, employing, delegating assignments , planning, evaluating, and aligning programs and resources into a pathway model.

3. Demonstrated success in California health program resource development and grants acquisition and management.


Choice of several health plans, plus $50,000 Group Life Insurance and Dental Care Plan.

New employees hired on or after January 1, 2014, will contribute 2% of salary to the San Francisco Retiree Health Care Trust Fund (RHCTF).

Retirement System: CALSTRS

Application Procedure

To apply for this posting, start by completing an online Application for Administrative Position at To be considered a candidate for this posting, the following materials must be submitted and received by the Human Resources Department on or before 11:59 p.m. of the posting filing deadline. Substitution of required document(s) is not permitted.

Applicant: Please do not send any application materials to other departments. The Human Resources Department is not responsible for any documents addressed and/or sent to other departments.

1. A detailed letter expressing interest in the position, indicating specifically how the minimum qualifications and as many as possible of the desirable qualifications will be fulfilled. Minimum and desirable qualifications are listed in this posting. The letter should also address the applicant’s background and skills in the areas stated in the Examples of Duties.

2. A current resume summarizing educational and administrative background and experience.

3. A City College of San Francisco Electronic Administrative Position Application completed in full and applied to this specific posting online. The statement “See Resume” is not acceptable.

4. A list of five (5) academic and professional references with names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses that include: faculty, classified and/or support staff, an administrator, a supervisor, and a colleague of managerial, supervisory ranking. (If you are among the final candidates, references will be contacted. The District may also contact other references not on your list, only if you are among the final candidates.)

5. Copies of transcripts verifying the degrees and majors as listed on applicant’s CCSF Application Form; official transcripts and actual verification of work experience will be required at a later date. [NOTE: Degrees and majors must be posted on transcripts to be considered in the application process. Foreign degree(s) must be evaluated before an application can be processed. Foreign Degree Evaluation sources information is located on the left side margin.]

6. Diversity Statement: Separate from your letter of interest, submit a concise response to relate several of your experiences or your involvement in circumstances or environments which strongly affected your understanding of and ability to function in a diverse community comprised of students and colleagues from varying academic, socioeconomic, cultural, sexual orientations, disabilities, and ethnicities.

7. Copy of current California Registered Nursing License. Applicant: Please use the “Copy of Applicable License(s)” link to upload your license.

Applicants bear the sole responsibility for ensuring that all application materials are complete when submitted and are received by the Human Resources Department by 11:59 p.m. on the posting filing deadline. Postmarks will not be honored. Emails are not acceptable. Incomplete application packages will not be considered. All materials become the property of the City College of San Francisco, and will not be returned. Application files for this posting will not be considered for other postings.

For additional assistance, please call Human Resources Department at (415) 452-7660.

ADA Statement

Applicants who require a reasonable accommodation to participate in this hiring process should contact the Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Officer at (415) 452-5053 to make the necessary arrangements. Please be aware that verification of a covered disability under the ADA may be required.

Selection Procedure/Conditions of Employment

Applicants who meet all minimum qualifications and have all required application documents in the CCSF Human Resources Department on or before the filing deadline will be included in the initial review processes to be conducted by the Search Committee. A reasonable number of applicants who are judged by the Committee as best matching the requirements of the position will be invited for a personal interview with the Search Committee. An additional interview will be offered to applicants who are advanced beyond the initial interviews.

Employees must satisfy all the pre-employment requirements for a CCSF Release to Work Authorization Certificate prior to appointment which include, but are not limited to, tuberculosis clearance (EC 87408.6), fingerprinting processing, and verification of their legal right to work in the United States.

City College of San Francisco reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify or to rescind this job posting at any time without prior notice.

EEO Statement

It is the policy of the City College of San Francisco to provide all persons with equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, age, gender, marital status, domestic partner status, sexual orientation, disability or AIDS/HIV status, medical conditions, gender identity, or status as a Vietnam-Era veteran. These categories specifically include status as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning person in any District program or activity. For further information, contact the Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Officer at (415) 452-5053.

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