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  • January 5, 2022

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Job Number:  2021-00031

Closing Date: 1/5/2022 11:59 PM Pacific

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The Governing Board of the Napa Valley Community College District invites applications for the position of Superintendent/President with the retirement of Dr. Ron Kraft, after 10 years of dedicated leadership as Superintendent/President.

The Napa Valley Community College District Superintendent/President serves as the leader and primary spokesperson of the College while being responsible for the overall administration of the District. The Superintendent/President reports to an elected Board, which includes seven members and a student representative.

The Board is seeking a collaborative leader who will continue a visible presence in the District’s community, ensuring excellence in education and service while inspiring confidence and trust on campus and throughout the District.

Napa Valley College is committed to hire and retain people who reflect the rich diversity of the District and its student body. Napa Valley College is looking for a clear-eyed leader who understands our challenges and is willing to work in partnership with all stakeholders to take advantage of our strengths to plan for the future. The Superintendent/President of Napa Valley College will be expected to make a long-term commitment to the College to provide strong visionary leadership with a high degree of commitment and personal integrity.



• Serves as the secretary to the Board of Trustees.

• Represents the Board and the College before all constituencies and funding sources.

• Provide executive support and leadership for programs and initiatives that support the success of students at Napa Valley College.

• Provides leadership in developing plans and policies for the improvement of instruction, student services and the evaluation of existing programs.

• Administers the College’s Budget.

• Assures the operations of College-wide governance mechanisms involving all constituencies.

• Recommends personnel actions to the Board of Trustees.

• Assures the smooth operation of the College.

• Plans the future of Napa Valley College.


• Encourages a high level of professionalism, sensitivity and integrity throughout the College and its communities;

• Advocates for the College with all relevant governmental entities, agencies, and community leaders;

• Advocates and engages in activities and partnerships that build upon and strengthen the College’s image, reputation and community relations by developing and maintaining relationships with local educational, civic and business interests;

• Advocates for and represent the full spectrum of academic and workforce programs at Napa Valley College in all interactions with community leaders and groups.

• Articulates an inspirational and innovative vision of Napa Valley College to the educational, political, business, and civic leaders of the local community, the state and nation;

• Builds external relationships with community partners, leaders, and citizens to promote NVC and expand its visibility and place within the community;

• Leverages opportunities for NVC to serve as a leader in regional economic development by partnering with business and industry and other potential partners;

• Fosters relationships with feeder K-12 districts and university partners to create pathways for students to improve access, retention, and completion for ALL students;

• Advances the efficacy of the College Foundation and pursues community support and philanthropic contributions to support students and the College’s mission;

• Leads and engages in developing community support for the College through fundraising, foundation activities, and alumni, as well as business and industry partnerships;

• Addresses educational issues and priorities by improving articulation among educational segments and joint ventures with business industry and community groups.


• Provides leadership in working with an elected Board of Trustees.

• Is committed to the collegial consultation process and shares authority and responsibility through thoughtful delegation and an understanding of the philosophy and practices that are the foundations of AB1725;

• Creates an atmosphere of respect across all categories of employees and has proven commitment to participatory governance;

• Exhibits a collaborative decision-making style based on participatory governance and will build upon the proven experience of participatory governance at NVC, by strategically engaging all constituent groups—students, faculty, staff and administration—early in decision-making processes;

• Is willing to have and can facilitate courageous conversations that lead to action, accountability and growth;

• Possesses a proven ability to take on challenges, transform them to innovative approaches and effectuate dynamic organizational culture change;

• Is an exceptional, transparent communicator, listener, and visible leader who inspires confidence and will seek out and value contributions from employees, students, and the community;

• Respects and values the opinions and accomplishments of others and can instill a climate of accessibility, accountability, trust and collegiality;

• Solves problems creatively, makes decisions in a fair and consistent manner and communicates the reasons for such decisions;

• Has knowledge of mediation and/or conflict resolution strategies and methods and is skilled in establishing and maintaining collaborative working relationships with all segments of the College;

• Is able to develop collaboration among diverse groups and will exhibit and inspire innovative thinking to lead and manage change;

• Can articulate a vision and extend the understanding and implementation of the comprehensive mission to all constituencies and ensure employees both understand how they contribute to this mission and vision and have access to the resources needed to achieve high standards in their work;

• Can provide visionary and strategic leadership and guidance as the College adjusts to the new normal with a focus on advancing and maintaining educational quality, access, and student success during and after the current pandemic crisis. This will include building back enrollments and outreach efforts and adjusting instructional and support services delivery modalities to better meet the needs of students and communities served by the College.


• Will lead the College in implementing the California Community College System’s “Vision for Success: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” recommendations made by the DEI Task Force to increase faculty and staff diversity in California community colleges;

• Will demonstrate an unwavering commitment and dedication to supporting and growing a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout the College community through the lens of equity and race consciousness;

• Understands and affirms pluralism of beliefs and opinions, and diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, background, geography, economics, family status, ability status, sexual orientation, gender expression/identity, political inclination, religious affiliation, age, neuro-diversity, including but not limited to Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and others;

• Is ready to lead the College in an all-inclusive, institution-wide dialogue on creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as, social justice efforts;

• Will create a framework to take action that would support rooting out racism and inequity by developing policies and practices to address intended and unintended racial inequities that exist;

• Will monitor the campus climate on race and equity and ensure progress in diversity in hiring that reflects the diversity of students we serve;

• Understands, is sensitive to, and respects the diverse academic, socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, cultural backgrounds, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identities of students, faculty and staff;

• Will enthusiastically advance the College’s support of diversity and cultural pluralism through ensuring the recruitment, hiring and retention of highly qualified and culturally diverse faculty, administrators and classified professionals and will propose strategies for hiring and retaining high quality faculty, staff, and administrators, especially from under-represented groups, and provide them with the opportunity to achieve high standards of performance in order to succeed.


• Is knowledgeable about national and state initiatives (College Promise, Strong Workforce Programs, Guided Pathways, etc.);

• Is prepared to lead the College in implementing Guided Pathways, AB705 and other student success initiatives emerging from the California Community College System’s “Vision for Success” and “Call to Action”.

• Is an equity-minded educational leader who is sensitive to students’ needs and focuses on the holistic development of the student;

• Is a student-centered leader who understands the competing priorities of transfer, career technical education, college readiness, basic skills, noncredit, and community education, and understands the role of technology as it relates to all areas of the institution and its application to teaching and learning;

• Is an educational leader who considers the use of technology, accreditation standards, guided pathways, and student success and access issues and who will provide leadership in the changing world of educational pedagogy/andragogy;

• Will provide leadership in responding to growing accountability expectations relating to student learning outcomes and attainment of educational goals;

• Is committed to maintaining the academic standards for continued accreditation of the College;

• Will lead the College in implementing Guided Pathways, AB705 and other student success initiatives emerging from the California Community College System’s “Vision for Success” and “Call to Action”;

• Will provide leadership and support to allow faculty, staff, and administrators to develop and deliver effective and equitable virtual learning and student services to meet the needs of students now, particularly during the pandemic, and in the future;

• Understands enrollment management and enrollment strategies for increasing and stabilizing enrollment in the current environment;

• Provides leadership in addressing changing demographics within the community;

• Focuses on meeting the needs of underserved student and community populations.


• Will establish a strong, trusting, and productive partnership with the Board of Trustees and create a culture of mutual respect and open communication between the Governing Board (policy makers) and the Superintendent/President (administrative and operational leader);

• Is experienced with strategic planning and implementation, resource development and allocation, personnel and faculty development, management, and initiation of change;

• Will propose and implement strategies and provide leadership in strengthening the planning and resource allocation process;

• Will provide leadership to the Napa Valley College Foundation and work to strengthen external funding;

• Has knowledge and experience with accreditation requirements and processes including knowledge of program review cycles as well as knowledge of the California Community College system and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, legislation, and reporting requirements;

• Provides leadership and management practices that reflect strategic thinking/planning and rigorous accountability;

• Provides leadership for the ongoing care and maintenance of all District facilities and properties;

• Provides leadership and fiduciary oversight of the College’s facilities and properties to assure accomplishment of the construction and modernization of buildings, technology enhancements, and other facility priorities particularly in a post-Covid19 return to campus;

• Provides leadership in organizational planning, human resource development, collective bargaining, curriculum and instruction, student support services, facilities planning;

• Acts effectively and creatively with the fiscal constraints and budget uncertainties associated with the evolving funding models and the pandemic;

• Advocates for integrating the principles of environmental sustainability throughout all aspects of the District, including climate impact on the Napa Valley region.

• Works with the Board of Trustees and represents the College internally and externally with a high level of professionalism, sensitivity, and integrity;

• Communicates in public and private with constituent groups and community members;

Is committed to the welfare and well-being of faculty, staff, and students.

The ideal candidate will possess the following characteristics:


• Is a transformational leader who exhibits personal/professional ethics and integrity in all behavior and relationships and brings a strong sense of fairness, empathy and equity to all decision making.

• Has work characteristics and a management style that inspires trust and confidence in one’s leadership through the consistent application of leadership and management skills that support and empower others.

• Values diversity in all its forms and actively demonstrates a commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity.

• Has the resilience and perseverance to address challenges and confrontations.

• Is deliberate in assessing diverse and conflicting perspectives; brings those perspectives to consensus and successful outcomes.

• Is an effective, transparent, data-informed decision maker and manager of change and will commit to making changes based on data.

• Responds to situations in a timely manner.

• Demonstrates a deep understanding of and enthusiasm for the work of the institution and is an example to others.

• Demonstrates a commitment to the welfare and well-being of students.

• Is an effective team builder.

• Is a well-rounded leader who engenders respect, trust and confidence of the students, faculty, staff, administrators, community, and Board of Trustees.

• Exhibits an ability to authentically engage and motivate members of all constituent groups to perform at their highest level.

• Has the courage and perseverance to address challenges and confrontations.

• Can bring divergent perspectives together to achieve consensus and the successful resolution of conflicts.

• Gauges political situations effectively.

• Exhibits patience, flexibility.

• Tolerates ambiguity when necessary.

• Has the ability to make a tough decision in a timely fashion.

• Is visible and accessible for enhanced relationships of trust, fostering positive student, faculty, and staff morale.



• Understands economic development as an integral mission of the College and demonstrates experience in leading a college or organization in the creation of business and employment opportunities in the community.

• Establishes mutually beneficial relationships with cities and unincorporated communities in the College to improve the social and economic well-being of the region.

• Demonstrates successful external resource development experience, including pursuit of private, state, and federal grant funding.

• Can develop community support for the College through fundraising, foundation activities, and community partnerships.

• Can articulate a vision of higher education consistent with the mission of Napa Valley College, the role of the California Community College system, and the students we serve.

• Has experience in creative solutions to educational problems through partnerships with business, industry, and community groups.


• Exhibits sustained, genuine commitment to success for all NVC students.

• Demonstrates sustained commitment to achieving equity in student access and success.

• Can lead the institution to maintain academic standards and institutional effectiveness for continued accreditation of the College.

• Demonstrates leadership, sensitivity, and a commitment to excellence in a highly diverse and changing environment.

• Embodies a management philosophy and practices that are guided by the needs of students and community in all strategies, tactics, and decision making, focused on student access and success.


• Understands and is committed to the philosophy and goals of the comprehensive community college.

• Leads with a focus on continuous improvement of institutional effectiveness, grounded in clear visions, effective planning and budget prioritization, on-going assessment and improvement of student learning and other institutional outcomes.

• Demonstrates experience in fiscal and resource management, complex budget development and financial resource development.

• Interacts positively with faculty, staff, administrators, and students.

• Respects and values the contributions of constituent groups and individuals.

• Provides leadership in the integration of the principles of environmental sustainability throughout all aspects of the District from our educational mission to the management of our physical plants and purchasing.

• Identifies opportunities for advancing the use of innovative technology in the areas of teaching, learning, assessment, student services and administration.

• Expects accountability of self and others.

• Is determined to monitor the campus climate on race and equity and can ensure progress in diversity in hiring that reflects the diversity of students served.

• Understands the California collective bargaining environment and the need to work effectively with employee groups.




• Master’s degree from an accredited institution or equivalent.

• 3 years of successful higher education senior level experience

• Experience working in a diverse academic and socioeconomic educational environment.

• Demonstrated commitment to equity-focused leadership, responsiveness, and sensitivity to every aspect of human diversity and active promotion of an inclusive educational and working environment.

• A proven track record of successful senior management experience including sound business practices and a strong demonstrated experience in fiscal management, complex budget development (including position control, performance-based and zero-based budgeting) and financial resource development.

• Demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching and student success.


• An earned doctorate or other terminal degree from an accredited institution.

• Five or more years demonstrated experience as a successful higher education senior administrator.

• Postsecondary teaching experience, preferably in community colleges.

• Experience in collegial consultation governance and demonstrated collective bargaining experience within a college environment.

• Experience in economic development.

• A strong background in instruction, student services, and/or business services


The salary, benefits, length of contract and other terms and conditions of employment are negotiable, but will be competitive.  The report date for the new superintendent/president is tentatively scheduled for April 4, 2022.  The exact date is subject to agreement between the Board of Trustees and the successful candidate.

Title 8, USC, Section 1324-A requires verification of eligibility for employment in the United States.


A.  Applicants must complete the online application through  All elements of the application, including supplemental questions, must be submitted in order for the application to be considered complete.

Internal applicants are still required to submit a complete application packet for this position.   This includes submission of transcripts and all other required application materials.

The District will not accept materials by e-mail, fax, or mail for this position.

SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS: If you are in need of special services or facilities due to a disability in order to apply or interview for this opening, please contact the Office of Human Resources, Training & Development.


PPL, Inc., is pleased to have been selected to assist the College in this important search and selection process. Any questions or confidential inquiries you or others might have about the Napa Valley Community College District, or the Napa Valley College Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Affairs position may be directed to either of the following:

• PPL Consultant: Robert Griffin,, (408) 616-9282

• PPL Consultant: Pam Walker,, (916) 768-8565

For questions about the status of the process, please contact:

Human Resources Specialist: Noreen Obiacoro,, (707) 256- 7108

For technical support, please contact:

NEOGOV, (855) 524-5627


NVC Strategic Plan

NVC Facilities Plan (Download PDF reader)

NVC Accreditation

Technology Plan

City of Napa

Napa Valley Unified School District



November 5, 2021 Position profile posted – application submissions process begins

January 5, 2022 Final date of submissions of applications

Napa Valley College, an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, maintains a drug-free workplace and requires that employees abide by that policy.

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