Dean of Academic Affairs, Languages, Learning Support and Resources

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  • June 9, 2022

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Dean of Academic Affairs, Languages, Learning Support and Resources


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OPEN UNTIL FILLED: first application review deadline April 7, 2022 ABOUT HARTNELL COLLEGE


Focusing on the education and workforce development needs of communities in the Salinas Valley, Hartnell College strengthens communities by providing opportunities for students to reach career and/or academic goals (associates degrees, certificates of achievement, transfer to four-year institutions) in an environment committee to student learning, achievement and success.


Values are the essential enduring tenets that guide Hartnell College in fulfilling our mission. They set forth what we believe and they define how we conduct ourselves. At the core of these values is the student.

Students First

We believe that first question that should be asked when making decisions is “What impact will the decision have on student access, learning, development, achievement, leadership, and success?”

Academic and Service Excellence

We commit to excellence in teaching and student services that develop the intellectual, personal, and social competence of every student.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We embrace and celebrate differences and uniqueness among all students and employees. We welcome students and employees of all backgrounds.

Ethics and Integrity

We commit to respect, civility, honesty, responsibility, and transparency in all actions and communications.


We develop strategic relationships within the college and community, locally and globally, that allow us to grow our knowledge, expand our reach, and strengthen our impact on those we serve.

Leadership and Empowerment

We commit to growing leaders through opportunity, engagement, and achievement.


Through collaboration, we seek and create new tools, techniques, programs, and processes to improve student learning, student achievement, and institutional effectiveness.

Stewardship of Resource

We commit to effective utilization of human, physical, financial, and technological resources.

Health, Safety, and Security

We commit to providing a healthy, safe, and secure environment for all students, employees, and visitors.


Under administrative direction, plans, organizes, controls, and provides administrative direction and oversight for operations, activities, programs, and services of the assigned academic area; oversees educational planning and curriculum development in accordance with missions, goals, and objectives of the District and assigned area; coordinates assigned academic area, programs, and services with other District divisions, officials, outside agencies, and the public; fosters cooperative working relationships among District divisions and with various public and private groups; provides highly responsible and complex professional assistance to the Vice President of Academic Affairs in areas of expertise; and performs related work as required. Assigned areas may include: Athletics and Kinesiology programs; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs; Nursing and Allied Health programs; Humanities; Social Sciences; Fine and Performing Arts; Languages; Learning Support and Resources programs and services; Career and Technical Education; institutes; enrollment management; education centers; programs and services at other learning sites; and/or other college programs, operations, and/or services.


Receives administrative direction from the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Exercises general direction and supervision over faculty, professional, technical, and administrative support staff through subordinate levels of management and supervision.


This is a senior management classification that oversees, controls, and directs all academic programs, services, and activities of the assigned area of responsibility, including short- and long-term educational planning and development, and administration of area policies, procedures, and programs. This classification provides assistance to the Vice President of Academic Affairs in a variety of administrative, management, analytical, and liaison capacities. Successful performance of the work requires knowledge of education policy and District functions and activities and the ability to develop, oversee, and implement projects and programs in a variety of areas. The work provides for a wide variety of independent decision-making, within legal and general policy and regulatory guidelines. The incumbent is accountable for accomplishing area planning, goals, and objectives and for furthering District goals and objectives within general policy and regulatory guidelines. This classification is distinguished from the Vice President of Academic Affairs in that the latter is responsible for overseeing and providing leadership for all Academic Affairs programs and activities on behalf of the Superintendent/President, and implements and achieves strategic objectives related to campus and community leadership, curriculum development, programming (scheduling) classes, program assessment, academic policies and standards, academic support services, and planning and budget at all levels.


The District reserves the rights to add, modify, change, or rescind the work assignments of different positions and to make reasonable accommodations so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions of the job. Administrators can be assigned to work at any district location or learning site and in some cases can be assigned to multiple locations and learning sites.

Assumes full management responsibility for all assigned academic and student support programs, services, and activities.

Develops, directs, and coordinates the implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures, and work standards for the assigned area; establishes, within District policy, appropriate budget, service, and staffing levels.

Oversees and is responsible for educational planning and program development in accordance with missions, goals, and objectives of the District and assigned area; oversees administration and monitoring of assigned programs and services to ensure compliance with established curriculum and content standards and requirements; develops, analyzes, and implements curriculum standards to meet student needs; oversees development and implementation of new courses, programs, and instructional activities.

Oversees the coordination of communications, personnel, resources, curriculum, schedules, and information to meet the instructional needs of the assigned area and enhance the educational effectiveness of assigned programs and services.

Manages, develops, and administers the annual budget for the assigned area of responsibility; participates in identification of and application for external funding sources, including developing industry partnerships; directs the forecast of additional funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies; directs the monitoring of and approves expenditures; directs and implements adjustments as necessary.

Selects, trains, motivates, and directs area personnel; evaluates and reviews work for acceptability and conformance with District and area standards, including program and project priorities and performance evaluations; works with employees on performance issues; implements discipline and termination procedures; responds to staff questions and concerns.

Establishes and maintains relationships with school district and university officials, community leaders, various organizations, and public agencies to encourage participation, stimulate interest, and coordinate campus projects with assigned programs and activities; participates in developing strategic plans for academic support by coordinating with other divisions to implement related academic support services.

Oversees the overall quality of assigned services by developing, reviewing, and implementing policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements, educational standards, and District needs; continuously monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures; assesses and monitors the distribution of work, support systems, and internal reporting relationships; identifies opportunities for improvement; directs the implementation of change.

Conducts faculty review, including four-year probationary evaluation process, class visitations, and administrative evaluations.

Oversees programs, activities, and training to enhance faculty and administrative understanding of education practices, curriculum standards, and instructional strategies related to assigned area programs and services.

Oversees and participates in reviewing faculty curriculum and provides technical advice on changes and modifications to curriculum; works with faculty on curriculum development and transfer articulation proposals.

Oversees and participates in reviewing Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) and assessments; advises faculty and provides feedback and recommendations; provides technical training to faculty on SLO development and assessment procedures and guidelines; develops and updates reports tracking the progress and status of curriculum, SLO, and assessment for all courses and programs within the area of responsibility.

Provides consultation and technical expertise to administrators, faculty, staff, students, outside agencies, and others concerning area operations and activities; provides detailed and technical information concerning programs, services, curriculum, and courses.

Coordinates assigned programs, services, and communications between and among administrators, faculty, staff, other areas and divisions, outside agencies, governmental agencies, students, and the public; establishes and maintains partnerships in support of assigned activities.

Facilitates grants proposals for assigned area, ensuring proposals meet funding agency requirements and priorities; manages grants and ensures accurate reporting of program data to regulatory agencies.

Oversees and participates in conducting a variety of analytical and operational studies regarding programmatic activities; prepares comprehensive technical records and reports, identifies alternatives, and makes and justifies recommendations.

Ensures mandated reports, including accreditation self-study reports, are submitted according to established timelines.

Advises, provides expert guidance, and prepares and delivers presentations on issues pertaining to the assigned area of responsibility.

Attends and participates in professional group meetings and various District committees and advisory boards; stays abreast of new trends and innovations related to the area of assignment.

Directs and facilitates the preparation and maintenance of a variety of records and files.

Monitors changes in laws, regulations, and technology that may affect District operations; implements policy and procedural changes as required.

Prepares, reviews, and presents staff reports, various management and information updates, and reports on special projects as assigned by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Responds to difficult and sensitive student and faculty inquiries and complaints and assists with resolutions and alternative recommendations.

Performs related duties as assigned.

When performing duties and responsibilities associated with the administration of an education center or campus:

Serves as the chief administrator for the overall operation of the Center or Campus.


Knowledge of:

Theories, principles, and practices associated with higher education curricula and instruction, student support services, student learning, and student success.

Principles and practices of enrollment management.

Principles and practices of fiscal management, strategic, and facilities planning.

Pertinent federal and state laws and regulatory provisions.

College accreditation procedures, practices, and standards.

The development, implementation, and assessment of student learning and/or service area outcomes.

Principles and practices of technology and software use for databases, accounting, spreadsheets, and other business processes.

Budget development, administrative practices, and organizational and management practices as applied to the analysis and evaluation of projects, programs, policies, procedures, and operational needs.

Principles and practices of employee supervision, including work planning, assignment, review and evaluation, and the training of staff in work procedures.

Instructional techniques and strategies related to assigned academic programs and services.

Technical, legal, financial, and public relations issues associated with the management of District academic programs.

Methods and techniques for the development of presentations, business correspondence, and information distribution; research and reporting methods, techniques, and procedures.

Principles and procedures of record keeping, technical report writing, grant writing, and preparation of correspondence and presentations.

Modern office practices, methods, and computer equipment and applications.

English usage, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.

Techniques for effectively representing the District in contacts with governmental agencies, community groups, and various business, professional, educational, regulatory, and legislative organizations.

Techniques for providing a high level of customer service by effectively dealing with the public, vendors, students, and District staff, including individuals of various ages, socio-economic, and ethnic groups.

Ability to:

Demonstrate sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.

Effectively lead employees and teams with a collaborative style in a collegial and participatory governance environment.

Deliver formal and influential presentations.

Be a fair–minded, ethical, and honest leader with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written.

Develop, implement, and evaluate programs and services.

Utilize data and assessment outcomes to make improvements for programs and services.

Inspire and motivate others toward goal achievement.

Counsel, direct, and facilitate professional development of employees.

Develop and monitor budgets and effectively utilize resources.

Effectively manage priorities in large, complex, and diverse operational units.

Use independent judgment in the interpretation and application of rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

Provide leadership and work collaboratively and productively with all stakeholders, including faculty, students, administrators, support staff, unions, and the community.

Recruit, select, supervise, and evaluate employees.

Interpret, apply, explain, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local policies, procedures, laws, and regulations.

Effectively administer a variety of programs, projects, and administrative activities as assigned.

Conduct effective negotiations and effectively represent the area of responsibility in meetings with governmental agencies and various educational, business, professional, regulatory, and legislative organizations.

Prepare clear and concise reports, correspondence, policies, procedures, and other written materials.

Conduct complex research projects, evaluate alternatives, make sound recommendations, and prepare effective technical staff reports.

Understand scope of authority in making independent decisions.


A master’s degree from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, and

Three (3) years of full-time teaching experience, and

Three (3) years of formal training, internship, or leadership experience in education.

Direct experience overseeing library, academic support, tutoring, learning resources and/or languages in an undergraduate academic program, desired.


Regular, full-time, academic management position at the main campus in Salinas, with only limited remote work options as approved by supervisor. Travel may be required within the district’s service area as part of regular job duties.

Management Salary Range III: $132,516 to $148,881 annually (starting salary is generally at Step A).

Annual doctoral stipend $1,500

District provides health benefits, which currently consist of full coverage for medical, dental, and vision insurance for employee and high percentage of coverage for eligible dependents.

Life, accident, and income protection insurance.

Sick leave, vacation, paid holidays.

STRS (state teacher retirement system).

Valid California driver’s license required.


The following documents MUST be uploaded as attachments to your on-line application:

1. Resume

2. Cover letter

3. Transcripts from all colleges/universities (unofficial copies acceptable)

We require unofficial copies showing all undergraduate and graduate coursework and must be from regionally accredited institutions accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. Official copies will be required at the time of hire. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member organization at the applicant’s expense.


Board Policy 7330 Communicable Diseases-Employees requires that all newly hired and current employees of the Hartnell Community College District be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All new employees must be fully vaccinated by the first day of employment. An exemption may be requested by individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to medical and/or religious reasons. Employees who receive an exemption will be required to wear a mask or face covering while on District property and/or facilities and will be required to undergo COVID-19 testing twice weekly. For more information about Hartnell CCD’s vaccine requirement, please visit the District COVID-19 Information Website.


It is the policy of the Hartnell College Community District that no person shall be discriminated against in any employment procedure on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability. The College actively seeks applications from candidates who have multi-cultural experience. Contact the Office of Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity if you need any special accommodations to complete the application process.

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