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District Financial Aid Director

Posting Number: 0001446

Location: District Office

Salary: $10,250.00 (Step 1)-$12.489.00( Step 5)

Position Definition:

Under the direction of the Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Services, the District Director of Financial Aid is responsible for direction of centralized financial aid and scholarship programs systems administration for the Contra Costa Community College District and its colleges. This position will plan, organize and guide the overall operation of district financial aid in coordination with the college financial aid offices and college and District personnel.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

The District Financial Aid Director serves as the highest level Financial Aid administrator in the organization. This position will provide district oversight, standardization of financial aid policies, ensure district compliance with state and federal rules and regulations, and ensure effective coordination with college financial aid supervisors and college and District management.

Examples of Duties/Essential Functions:

• Provides district leadership to financial aid and scholarship services.

• Directs, recommends, and facilitates decision making in a collaborative manner to establish standardized business processes for financial aid throughout the Contra Costa Community College District.

• Prepares and presents proposals concerning necessary policy and procedural changes to the Financial Aid Steering Committee and appropriate college administration.

• Monitors federal and state financial aid changes and regulations, and facilitates implementation of appropriate processes and procedures through the management of various financial aid subcommittee workgroups to ensure standard and consistent processing of student financial aid.

• Facilitates the establishment and implementation of consistent district wide policies/processes through collaboration with Financial Aid Process Expert Team (PET) and Financial Aid Steering committees to ensure college and District compliance with federal, state, and institutional financial aid policies and regulations.

• Acts as a liaison between the college Financial Aid departments, District IT, District Accounting, District Foundation and all other District-wide departments.

• Serves as the facilitator or management liaison to district financial aid committees and teams.

• Oversees the annual and ongoing setup and testing of the financial aid application module.

• Develops detailed project plans in coordination with college Financial Aid, District IT, and District Accounting to assure tracking of the business process decisions and managing timelines through implementation.

• Advises college and District Financial Aid staff of industry’s “best practices” and recommends technology, regulation and procedural changes to emulate such models for improvement and the strengthening of internal controls.

• Interprets rules, laws, and regulations pertaining to Financial Aid and scholarship programs in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws relating to the provision of financial aid to students.

• Coordinates and ensures that training materials are developed for District-wide processes and training takes place for financial aid staff among the colleges.

• Works with the Financial Aid PET and Financial Aid Steering Committee, in facilitating ongoing project priorities.

• Represents the District at state and national financial aid conferences and trainings.

• Advises the colleges in student appeals and other high level administrative functions as needed.

• Coordinates formal student expense budget research to establish annual local costs for food, housing, clothing, and other factors.

• Assists colleges with preparations for annual financial aid audit.

• Assists colleges with the preparation of federal and state financial aid reports such as FISAP, MIS, E-CAR.

• Ensures the accuracy and timely submission of district gainful employment data.

• Oversees consumer information disclosures, notifying responsible parties on each campus, and obtaining appropriate disclosures in accordance with Title IV regulatory requirements.

Minimum Qualifications:


An earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Three years of management experience in a college Financial Aid Office.

Knowledge Of:

• Federal, state and local student financial aid and award programs, regulations and guidelines.;

• Fundamental fiscal and compliance reporting procedures (e.g. FISAP, MIS, BFAP, Gainful Employment, etc.).

• Systems knowledge as related to implementation of financial aid regulations to support effective operations and financial aid business practices.

• Computer programs including skills in Excel, Access, Ellucian’s Colleague, COD, NSLDS, CPS for FAA ACCESS, Web Grants, etc.

• Requirements and regulations pertaining to CalWORKs, EOPS/CARE, TANF, Social Security, DHS, BOGFW, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, etc.

• Business English, including vocabulary, correct grammatical usage, spelling, and punctuation.

Skill To:

Ability To:

• Generate a number of different approaches to problem solving.

• Communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

• Develop effective working relationships collaboratively to carry out responsibilities within a decentralized organizational structure.

• Develop and maintain relationships with state and federal agencies.

• Supervise employees.

• Build and facilitate effective and collaborative work and project teams.

• Facilitate and build consensus with a wide variety of constituents.

• Maintain high proficiency in various financial aid systems and tools.

• Demonstrate understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socio-economic, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, politics, philosophy, disability, and religious background of all students, faculty and staff.

Desirable Qualifications:

• Knowledgeable concerning financial aid resources for students participating in student services programs (i.e. AB 540, CalWORKs, Disabled Student Programs and Services, EOPS, Foster youth, Scholarship Programs, etc.)

• Familiarity with educational admissions policies and procedures;

• Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with admissions, IT, and finance departments to streamline processes and implement systems;

• Strong meeting facilitation and project management skills

• Knowledgeable regarding regulations pertaining to scholarship administration, including Title VI

Special Instructions:

Candidates will need to have the following information and materials to complete the application:

1. Submit online application.

2. Cover Letter that succinctly addresses the desirable qualifications and demonstrate how the candidate’s experience and professional qualifications prepare them to serve as District Financial Aid Director.

3. A current resume including e-mail address and cell phone number.

4. Unofficial transcript

NOTE: New employees will be placed at the first step which is $ 10,250, or second step $10,770, or third step $11,314 per month depending upon experience. Based on current salary placement guidelines, all step increases for which an employee becomes eligible shall take place on July 1st of each fiscal year. These increases will occur, on an annual basis, until the maximum step of $12,489 per month is reached on the salary schedule.

Job Close Date: 11/25/2020

Open Until Filled: Yes

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To apply for this job please visit apptrkr.com.